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NCTX Buses


The new NCT Buses app includes a bunch of new features, built from the ground up to sync with your account at We think you’re going to find it much easier to catch the bus when you need to.** My Places: multi-stop departure boards **You can now create multi-stop departure boards called 'My Places'. Here you can create favourite stop groups and include any number of stops close to a location making it easier to keep an eye on real time departures from multiple stops from one departure board screen.
** Intuitive Journey Planner **An all new journey planner is the bedrock of the new apps and website. It’ll help you get where you’re going much faster. With the new My Places feature too, once you’re set up you’ll be able to get results for any time of day in no time. We’ve included the cash fare for the journey too so you’ll know how much money to have ready when you board. Information including the journey time, the estimated time of arrival (ETA), number of stops and the distance you’ll be travelling are all right there too, helping you make the best decision to get where you want to go.
** Full and Summary Timetables, Fare Calculator and Traffic Disruptions **You can now view full service timetables and line summaries too. Check a cash fare between two stops, simply by selecting the start and end point. Live traffic disruptions are highlighted so you easily find out if your bus is affected by a disruption (and there’s plenty going on in Nottingham right now!).
** Synchronised Network Updates **When the timetable changes the app will updated automatically too, so you can be sure what you’re looking at is up to date.
** My Account Integration **You’re now able to customise and manage your profile on via the app and website.
** Your feedback **Please send feedback to and we'll do our best to incorporate as much as possible in future updates and releases.
We hope you enjoy Getting Mobile.
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